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Loading speed of your website is very important for users. If after clicking a link website will show up almost instantly there is bigger chance that your potential customers will buy something or will contact your company! Speed of your website also is rated by search engines and this is one of many factors on the basis how high is your website at search results. What we can offer you?

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Besides websites and e-shops optimization our offer includes wide range of different services.
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Copywriting - Tworzymy unikalne treści na stronach


Content of website is one of the most important elements. Texts should be easy to understand and well describing offer. At SliceWeb we create texts that are grammatically a and stylistically correct. We encourage you to order texts for your website.

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Tworzenie sklepów internetowych

Online shops

Move your business to new level thanks to setting up online shop. It will let you reach wide range of clients and with that you will grove your sells and revenues. We create intuitive online shops with simple checkout process.

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Wsparcie techniczne stron i sklepów internetowych


We invite you to see our offer of technical support. We created a few plans to support your website or online shop. Choose one of them and leave your website in the hands of specialists.

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Graphic projects

Do you need graphics project for your website or your online shop? You've come to the right place! We will be happy to create it for you. At SliceWeb we know how important is good appearance of websites and online shops. We create useful, clear and modern projects of websites and online shops.

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Projektowanie stron internetowych Katowice - SliceWeb


Today every company should have own website. More and more people search for products and services using internet. Order a website from us and increase your customer base.

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