Wdrożenie projektu graficznego do cms

Bea Beauty Clinic

Website of an aesthetic medicine clinic should be soft and subtle. We take a chalenge of implementation graphic design into CMS WordPress. See astonishing effects of our work.

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Implementing graphic project to WordPress CMS

On of our projects is aesthetic medicine clinic website. Bea Beauty Clinic. It is based on WordPress CMS. Website’s job is to show what clinic offers.

Unconventional graphic project makes website light and pleasant to receive.  At the same time, we keep its usefulness. The most important elements of the site are the subpages: Offer and Single treatment.

In our portfolio, apart from this page of aesthetic medicine clinics, you will find other projects, such as projekt strony wypożyczalni samochodów sportowych czy projekt strony gabinetu stomatologicznego.

What has been done

  • Creating template based on graphic design
  • Creating mobile version of website
  • Installation and configuration on server


Project was created in cooperation with

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