Projekt strony wypożyczalni samochodów sportowych

Dark Side Cars

Dark Side Cars is sports car rental. We made that website as fast as they cars are.

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Website for sports car rental

Dark Side Cars website is simple One Page*. We don’t need anything anymore here. Car are stars here and they are looking excellent. It has few sections:

  • Informations about flagship rental’s car – Nisan 370Z Nismo,
  • Our fleet,
  • Pricelist,
  • Contact

Sports car rental website is managable by administrative panel, because it’s integrated with WordPress CMS

In our portfolio you will find different realizations like: projekt katalogu z meblami czy strona dla kliniki medycyny estetycznej.

*One page is website which whole content is contained within one page and hyperlinks are not moving you to different subpage, but to sections.

What has been done

  • Implementing graphic project to Wordpress CMS
  • Adjusting the website for a mobile device
  • Installation & Configuration on client's hosting
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