Funeral emergency service

Losing a loved one is a hard experience. The Funeral Service website offers help to people in mourning. You can order a funeral service through it. See how the website of the Emergency Service was created.

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Website of Funeral service

Funeral service website was made based on individual graphic project. When creating it, we had a serious subject in mind. That is why the site is dominated by black and gray colors with golden accents. The effect is enhanced by the combination of serif and sans serif fonts. This way we get a neat and simple composition.

What have we faced?

The main challenge was to create interactive maps of Poland and individual provinces. Thanks to this functionality, the user can choose the voivodship / poviat of interest without having to search for it on the list. Maps are the first elements of the page that the user draws attention to. When you hover over a given area of the map, the name of the voivodship / poviat appears. This allows the user to efficiently navigate the page and quickly find the item he is interested in.

We have also created a reservation form for plants and companies in the industry. The form displays free municipalities and districts that are downloaded from the internal system of the site.

In addition, the page contains standard subpages:

  • About us
  • Cooperation,
  • Contact,
  • News.

The proposed site design for a funeral parlor is responsive and displays correctly on mobile devices.

What has been done

  • Creating a graphic design
  • Connecting the website to WordPress CMS
  • Adding content to the page
  • Adaptation for mobile devices
  • Installation and configuration on the target server
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